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Furttalstrasse 42,

8046 Zurich

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Welcome to Olah DMS

Artistic & decorative painting work,out of passion!

Creativity is our strength!

Be inspired by our special techniques. We work precisely and cleanly. With many years of work experience, we want to independently not only bring color into your life but also offer something unusual for our customers!

With us you will find art in all shades.


Our offer is varied and includes a wide variety of techniques. Whether it is work in your apartment,   or on your house, office or commercial space, whether renovations or just repairs, decorative painting work, stencilling, wall printing technology or epoxy/cast resin coatings, we come directly to you and we carry out the desired painting work reliably. 

Thanks to our partner Jenflow Epoxy, we are certified members/processors #JenflowFamily in Switzerland and have the honor of being able to offer you different models not only on the floor but also on the wall.

seamless floor coverings; 3D flooring ; wall coverings ; kitchen worktops ; Furniture design is also possible!

Walls or floors, inside or outside, we leave nothing to be desired. We offer painting work that lets you experience your rooms in a completely new way.

Loyalty, reliability, quality, punctuality and correctness naturally also play a major role for us.

In our painting work, ecological materials from top manufacturers are used!

The materials used are harmless to people, the environment and animals.  Wherever possible, we always use ecological quality paints.

A splitting machine is in use in the painting workshop. This cleans our dirty dye water before it gets into the sewage system. Leftover paints that we can no longer use are collected and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

We work in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way!

Boss hard colors
Karl Bubenhofer
Jenflow Systems
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